Dear Benjamin

by Awaking Mercury

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released March 8, 2014

Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Preston Rahbari



all rights reserved


Awaking Mercury Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Awaking Mercury;
Phoenixville - PA


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Track Name: Slipping
fine I'm fine its circling round the inside of my splintered mind
Try, i try but my thoughts only fray my outlines.
She's alway slipping from my hands
She's always living her regrets

Verse 2
walls are white as her jacket as tight as her jacket constricting collapsing
Theses pills their dimming and damning her mind's screaming I hear it through the hall.

she sees shadows on the wall when here lamp shade Falls
The orderly He comes stumbling he can't seem to clean her up
Those claws they're tightening her eyes are widening
to those shadows that hold her neck.
Track Name: Picture Of My Confusion
Vs. 1
There she is in front of me walking in silence an image of the coming tides.
Begging me to take a drink but I never see clearly when she’s near me.

She’s s a picture of confusion
And she’s pouring it out to me like wine.

Vs. 2
Pick or choose something your indecisiveness will leave you With nothing.
You’ve got to know what you want, 'cause in the end you’re left with all you bought.


You, get out of my head.
I just want you out of my head.
I just want you back in my head.
I just want you out of my head.
Track Name: Sorry Never Left Your Lips
Sister you sleep with a snake, he wraps up your body like veins
Now you weep in your dirty sheets, stained from the venom you bleed
your conscience's was white like the snow now it mocks just like the crows

Remember those days when you'd awake in your fathers house. Ablaze with his love I hope you're ablaze with his love.

Sister you sleep with such ease, breathing out lies you believe
So now you weep in your dirty street, chock on smoke as you leave
those bridges you left burning  now your thoughts are so crippling.

Dear God what have i done
has never left your sorry lips
Dear God what have i done
I'm sorry's never left your lips
Track Name: Raystown Lake
a Friday night phone call
from a good friend in a low tone
He said our friend had gone home
My heart it sank like stone

Immortals, we think ourselves to be
Mortals, we fade and fall like the leaves
Immortals, we pray ourselves to be
Mortals, we're far to young we scream

'too young to die is what crossed my mind
but its a lie its our lie
we pray ourselves not to be afraid
This hope keeps us safe


Six men in lines to carry my coffin
Six men in lines to bury me down

Ending Chorus
Hallelujah ,
Track Name: Tightrope
she makes me feel like
I'm on a string
Like I'm at the circus
watching her balancing
I'm a spectator
or just some dreamer
Don't pinch me softly
cause I'm a heavy sleeper

I've got my eyes wide open
when she's tight rope walking
walking all over me
she pulls on my strings

She makes me feel like
i can't breathe
like my heads under water
and I'm suffocating
You could bring me to life you can lead me to death
You could lead me to life you can lead me to death
Track Name: On Our Arms
vs 1
Today these day it just feel so cold
We breathe these prays just Like we're told
We held our hope like its gone so cold
breath in life like we were told

crack the stone on our hearts
truth is written on our arms
Crack my bones rip me apart
love is written on our arms

vs 2
I felt the knife dig into my skin
The pain was what gave me such feeling
My thoughts became viper poison
numbs my limbs as began coiling

Just tried to let go
Sink like a stone
I tried to let go
Sink like a stone
Track Name: Vapors
You’re blindest lover that I’ve ever known
It worked so well it worked so well.
You’re finest lie that ever bestowed,
And It burned like hell it burned like hell.

But you were the vapors that I exhaled
You were the failures on my breath
But you were the vapors that I exhaled
and You were the failure on my lips

vs 2
pressed against mine with
every Intent to defy, to leave me with nothing
like spilled wine
i feel like spilled wine upon the floor

Those warm lips , Those warm lips
With every intent to defy
Track Name: Fangs
verse 1
That black dress Fits so well.
  Your form felt so Warm

break your fangs
on my skin ,
take it away
that cold venom

Verse 2
You set fire too my bed   Your form left me torn


you Scratch the dirt digging you're grave
And i am amazed  how well you wear that name
Track Name: As the Night Goes On
You spin your fine web
with your lips on my neck
you're the drug in my vein's, oh the spin
your the warmth in the rain. Oh how i slip

Pre - chorus
into those summer dreams

as the night goes on
I dream of you
you dream of me
IN your room.

Is This everything

vs 2
remember when we first met
I stole a kiss you acted upset
you're the drug in my vein's, oh the spin
your the warmth in the rain. Oh how i slip


I know you dream…..
well i dream of better things…
NO deadened jobs….
Our house on the wall …
Track Name: Buried in Your Veins
set your anchor down to the depths of who you are The bottoms not greater than the spark that ignites your heart.

So don't go cold singing that song It's Buried in the veins when the dark draws in hope you'll find Buried in the veins

The wind breaks on my face this sea rages on My eyes are fixed straight towards that piercing Sun