by Awaking Mercury

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released October 9, 2015

Recorded at Turbo Prop Studios
with Alex Saddic of The GoAround



all rights reserved


Awaking Mercury Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Awaking Mercury;
Phoenixville - PA


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Track Name: Arms Length
at arms length you keep me completely
at arm length I’m cutting my heart strings

Was I quick summer fling
a passing like a bee stings
a hot sunburn flash
made to be in your past
while you wonder off
I’m left here with the thought
that I keep looking back
and time passes to damn fast

Keep me like a locket
a picture on your chest
Do miss your company
or do I just missing your breasts
keeping my mind warm
keeping me from the dark
well I’m drowning still
were you ever that spark

were you ever that spark ?
Track Name: A Ring
So i must have lied when i said you were perfect to lay by
my side well now I’m second guessing if was
right in anything i accomplished you swear that you
tried well honey it takes more than that to keep on these

In all our time you’re just a ring
that i leave behind on my bathroom sink
God knows i don’t miss your company
in that cage with Miss Misery

Well i could have tried guessing why there was no
fight in you to hold to me to heart as
my bride that white dress i find to be such a
lie do you feel the weight of that ring as you hold it
Track Name: Seven Words
she says she doesn’t dance
but she dances around my head
with those seven words she said.
I don’t want anything serious right now.

I’m cutting strings in my mind
the ones attached to the heart that bind.
Lately I’ve been feeling everything.
God knows that’s such an awful sting .

She says she doesn’t have much time
but i can’t tell if its a lie
our first time has been stuck out in my mind
Cause i thought there’d be one more night.

She dances in my head
around like wild horses
I beg her back to my bed
but she just goes home instead
Track Name: Let You In
I never thought I’d share my bed with another woman for the night
our skin was so close i couldn’t let you go That body wrapped around me so tight

Sunday I let you I let you in
Someday I’ll fully let someone in

I thought I’d be fine i thought this body was mine thought i could do this one more time
I’m Learning more about the soul i always talked about I don’t my left from my right

when Feel you think you understand yourself
Someone goes and throws your books off the shelf

I don’t know when i got so old i can feel it feel it in my soul that crushing hole
they say that there’s no man that can tear you two apart well she ripped out my beating

I feel i can feel it torn at the seems
and i, I wouldn't believe if it wasn’t me
Cause these days i find it so hard to sleep
So Blue eyes lay down by my side
bring those blue eyes by my side
So lay down with these tired bones.
Track Name: Through the Winter
We almost made it though the winter
the snow weighed down our tree
We made plans for our family
then someone weakened your knees
you said “I can’t change anymore!
I expect the same of you ”
So what would you like to do?”
like I’d one God damn clue.

You moved out in a hurry
like you had better plan
like you’re set to get married
repeat it all again
I hope you enjoy Boston
He’ll have just the same
God i hope it was quick
the day you got laid by him

Is this end that You were waiting for

Is the way you laid me into your dreams

to lay me down at your feet you were always laying me down laying me down at your feet

I hope your happy now finding those princes dreams

God forbid i had my piece you might lose some sleep

I hope you enjoy Boston
I hope he enjoys you
Like a noose around his neck
just like when i Married you.
Track Name: Not A Waste
You’re not a waste, You’re not a waste

Cause when i touch you i know in my skin that your not

You’re not a waste, You’re not a waste
Cause when our eyes fix those blue eyes tell me that

You’re not a waste, You’re not a waste

Cause I taste you on my lips it makes me sick when you say it
like its all your fault when your kept all locked up

You’re not a waste, You’re not a waste
Cause you have me transfixed on more than just those lips

You’re not a waste, You’re not a waste